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Do you want to #lose weight for summer? If so read on ......

Hypnosis has received some very positive press recently, with celebrities turning to hypnosis to lose weight.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy works by allowing you to overcome unconscious obstacles which may be preventing you from losing weight, or which may be preventing you from keeping it off after a diet. You know on a conscious and rational level that you need to eat more healthily and take more exercise, but often it is hard to do that because of a subconscious resistance – you are engaged in a struggle against yourself. Hypnotherapy works by bringing the subconscious mind into agreement with the conscious mind so that what you ought to do becomes what you want to do.

Hypnotherapy can help you to become focussed and motivated to lose weight.

It can change your habits and attitudes towards food and it can also help you to relax around food, so that food is no longer bound up with the idea of diets and deprivation, but instead healthy eating becomes a positive and pleasurable experience. Hypnotherapy can also address any emotional eating issues which are causing your weight problems.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural tool to use for weight loss. It can create powerful new ways of thinking that can enable you to lose weight steadily and healthily.

Hypnosis works by targeting the unconscious mind with powerful suggestions, it will help you develop a new, positve relationship with food and exercise. It can replace your existing attitude and behaviour towards everthing that has made you overweight in the first place. Through direct subconscious suggestions you can replace old negative patterns with new positive ones.

To learn more about a healthy diet click Food Standard Agency
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Hyonotherapy for weight loss is priced at £50 per session. How many sessions you require is individual. I have been fortunate to have referrals for weight loss from clients from Bury, Wigan, Manchester and Bolton areas from past clients that have lost weight.

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