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Just wanted to let you know that the flight was fantastic. I felt relaxed and happy. I am still amazed how the hypnosis worked!
Annie Farnworth

I just wanted to say thank you for your help you gave me in regards to improving my confidence, and particularly in preparation for my wedding!
It was absolutely wonderful and I felt really happy and relaxed all day. I was able to take it all in and enjoy it. My brother-in-law commented to my husband! about how he thought I seemed to be really enjoying myself and letting go. And my best friend has said she was amazed at how calm and poised I seemed, and how little I cried!
So thank you for everything - you have helped loads and I'm sure I'll continue to grow even stronger and more confident over time.
Laura Bolton

I suffered with anxiety for years, I was struggling at work and feeling ill in company. I had 7 sessions with Susan, I had a mixture of counselling and hypnotherapy. I felt so at ease with Susan, and the therapy has made a huge difference to my life. I now have belief in myself, I am able to go out with friends and feel relaxed. I only wish I would have done this years ago.
Paul, Bolton

I was sceptical about trying hypnotherapy, but was so desperate my husband persuaded me to give it a go. I had four sessions with Susan for confidence, I can honestly say it has been life changing. I now feel so much more relaxed, I am happy to be myself (never thought I would say that). The clinic itself is a lovely building, and I felt welcome and at ease there.
Kathyrn, Prestwich

I have lost over one stone with hypnotherapy, I am determined to reach my goal. I started to feel more motivated and am eating healthy, the hypnotherapy worked for me.
Christine, Wigan

I can't thank Susan enough for the changes I have been able to make. I had anger problems and it was ruining my life, through therapy I have worked very hard to change my way of thinking. I had to do homework outside of the sessions, and make changes to my thinking. I feel in control and just happier in general.
Colin, Manchester

I had 10 sessions for depression with Susan, I slowly started to feel better. It has not been over night, but there have been subtle improvements. In general I know I am picking up and starting to live again. I felt very comfortable in the clinic and the counselling room is homely and private.
Natasha, Atherton

I had hypnotherapy for weight loss, I didn't feel any different after the first few sessions but just started to eat healthier and found myself exercising more. I can't explain why but it is working, and I am more upbeat and relaxed around food.
Kelly, Manchester

Susan helped me to believe in myself, I dreaded family parties or work outings, going out for meals was a nightmare. I had counselling and also some hypnotherapy, I felt immediate changes after the hypnotherapy. My only regret is I waited until I was in my forties to get the help I needed since my twenties. The clinic itself was excellent, no one asked any questions and I felt very safe and relaxed.
Stephen, Bury

I had 2 hypnotherapy sessions for smoking, I was determined to stop and have done. I was asked to send in this testimonial after six months of abstinence. I have also sent friends to Susan for different things and everyone has been pleased with the outcome.
Dave, Bolton

I have always dreaded flying, although in the past I forced myself to fly. I felt sick with nerves, and it spoilt my holiday. I was recommended to try Susan from a friend, I had one counselling session and 2 hypnotherapy sessions. I went on holiday and felt relaxed, how mad is that?
Eileen, Leigh

I have had issues about my sexuality and esteem since my teens, I have always put off seeking help because of the cost and admitting I needed the help. I finally went to see Susan after a friend of mine had been to her for similiar issues, I have worked out a number of past hurts. I have accepted my past, and I am happy in my own skin. I am really looking forward to my future, and it was money well spent.
Stuart, Wigan

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